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Flying Cutoff Machine Control System

Product name : Flying Cutoff Machine Control System

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Flying Cutoff Machine Control System :

1.  The leading 32-bit calculation module in the world capable of nano-second data processing and response four times faster than the former module is adopted, thus realizing the leap of the control system of cut-off machine from simulated control to digital control.
2.   The latest coding and digital processing technology enables the encoder of the same specification by over 10 times.
3.    The whole controller boasts compact structure, less electron components and core component made by SMA technique, making the system more aseismatic and totally avoiding the hidden trouble caused by loose connection.
4.     If necessary, GUI Chinese operation interface independently developed by our company is available for customers. Communication ports of different varieties are also available to realize the convenient connection and communication with the other equipment.
(1) Flying Cutoff Machine control system
(2) Flying Cutoff HMI 1
(3)  Flying Cutoff  HMI 2
(4) Flying Cutoff Machine controller

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